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Minds Connected

Offering psychotherapeutic counselling, mind-body practices and coaching in Sussex, London and online.

What we do


Minds Connected can connect with your business to support wellbeing strategies,  talent development, team and executive coaching.  Whether it’s connecting your people with their personal wellbeing, developing resilient management and leadership capability or including wellbeing practices at an event, Minds Connected can help. 


 Do you feel like you're just about coping? Are feelings of stress and anxiety holding you back? Are you struggling to focus? Have you experienced so much change that you feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to move forward? Maybe you simply need a safe, confidential space to explore your thoughts and feelings. 


Connecting with people at a time when they need support. A non judgemental space at a time when you don’t necessarily know what will help. 

Working with individuals and businesses in the pursuit of better mental health.   

My experience and approach means that I can work with you in a practical and straightforward way to achieve your goals. 


“Jacqui demonstrated this amazing ability to listen thoughtfully to all that I said, and gently yet effectively ask a question that would stop my thought process in its tracks and open up so many new possibilities. Her questioning helped me to find my own direction – she facilitated my own thought processes and helped prevent me from thinking in circles. I would definitely work with Jacqui again – she made a real difference to my career.”

Assistant Director

Professional Services, London

“The guided mind-body practice is like a mental spa treatment!”

Business Owner


“Each session we had was insightful for me. She’s caring, questions your thought process, challenges you but in a non-threatening way so you do not feel negatively about it (which I think is a rare ability). I felt genuinely listened to.”


Financial Services, Canary Wharf

“I’d been looking for something to help quieten my busy mind & have found the guided mind-body practice really helps! I feel calmer & more focused. It’s a practice I can use in any stressful situation & I feel I have much more positive outcomes. It’s easy to learn and Jacqui takes you through a personalised program for you. Thank you Jacqui!!”

Business Owner


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