I am a highly experienced, certified coach, a qualified Sophrologist and people development professional.  For over 20 years I have helped people to gain insight and make positive changes, both in their careers and in life more generally. I am acutely aware of how much the struggle to  cope with increasing pressures to achieve and deliver, in all aspects of life, impacts performance and personal health.

That is why I now combine my experience with the therapeutic practice of Sophrology and I bring further skills as I develop as a humanistic, integrative counsellor. I combine genuine care with professional methodology for all my clients, both business and personal.

I am fully invested in what I do through my own life experiences. Juggling relentless work demands and life challenges led to me experiencing overwhelm, anxiety and burnout. Through the practices that I am offering here I have found a much healthier way of working and living and I’d like to work with you to do the same.



    about Minds COnnected

    Bringing over 20 years of experience of working globally in the corporate world developing and coaching top talent and business leaders. Minds Connected is proud to offer a new and powerful combination of workshops, coaching and Sophrology, a mind-body practice, designed to calm minds, unlock potential and empower people to thrive in whatever they do.

    We aim to:

    • make straight forward, no nonsense therapeutic practices accessible to everyone
    • reach those who have had limited (or no) success with Mindfulness or meditation
    • break the stigma of using therapeutic practices to make life better
    • combine powerful techniques, in a tailored way 

    our values

    Connection: connecting minds and energy to move you and your business towards your goals. Connecting work and personal life, connecting with your values and meaning, connecting with learning, growth and change, connecting your mind and body.

    Trust: building trusting relationships with all our clients

    Flexibility: Working with you to find your own balance in a way that is right for you

    Kindness: through relationships with each other and ourselves

    What we do


    Minds Connected can connect with your business to design and deliver coaching interventions, workplace mind-body practices, strategies, programmes and workshops. Whether it’s connecting your people with your vision and culture, connecting your employees with their personal wellbeing, developing resilient management and leadership capability or including wellbeing practices at an event, Minds Connected can help. 


     Do you feel like you're just about coping? Are feelings of stress and anxiety holding you back? Are you struggling to focus? Maybe you have experienced so much change that you feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to move forward? Do you have exams or an important event that you're worrying about? We can work with you to slow your mind, unlock your potential and make positive steps towards living life as you want. 

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